Remote, hostile, wild and virtually uninhabited, Antarctica is a continent of extremes. It is also key to understanding how our world works and our impact on it. The Antarctica Educator Guide supports the Next Generation Science Standards. It was created by Discovery Place Education Studio, North Carolina, together with SK Films and can be used to accompany the IMAX® film Antarctica or as a stand-alone education tool.

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GLOBAL INFLUENCE: Antarctica has a profound effect on the Earth’s climate and ocean systems. Global atmospheric pressure, humidity, air temperatures, ocean currents and wind patterns are all interconnected and greatly influenced by the glaciers, ice sheet and the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

UNDERSTANDING PLANET EARTH: Locked in Antarctica’s 4 kilometre-thick ice sheet is a time capsule of Earth’s climate for the last one million years, helping us understand the past, present and future of our fragile planet.

GROUND-BREAKING SCIENCE: Many of the experiments conducted in Antarctica have global ramifications and positive benefits. One example is the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer above the continent leading to the banning of several chemical compounds that contribute to the problem, such as CFCs.

SENSE OF WONDER & ADVENTURE: Antarctica has captivated the human spirit, curiosity and sense of adventure for centuries. Whether it was the remarkable expeditions of Shackleton, Ross, Scott or Amundsen to the thriving modern day tourism industry, the continent is on just about everyone’s bucket list.

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: While some have laid claim to portions of it, Antarctica is not owned by any one country and the small human presence there is an inspirational example of how different nations can work together to achieve common goals in the name of science and discovery.

EARTH’S LAST GREAT WILDERNESS: Massive congregations of feeding humpback and fin whales, seals, penguins and krill, much of what you see in Antarctica cannot be found anywhere else. Some of nature’s most incredible wildlife spectacles happen here.